I’m suffering from nail fungus. What are some home remedies for nail fungus

    charan pawan Asked on March 4, 2024 in Bone & Joint.
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      Nail infection due to fungus is Called as Onychomycosis.
      Use oral Antifungals pulse therapy
      And topical nail lacquer for 4 to 6 months as prescribed by dermatologist.
      Avoid using over the counter creams,because steroids in those creams increase the disease or damage skin when used .
      To havecskin protection
      Like using moisturizer cream.
      Keep skin dry after cleaning
      Physical protection like wearing gloves and covers
      For nail fungus
      Care to be taken is
      Avoid repeated washing hands ,avoid irregular usage of chemicals- use of detergents, sanitizers, utensils and toilet cleaners.
      keep skin dry
      Occupation has a role, check out with your occupation.

      Dr. PavaniGBDerm Answered on March 4, 2024.
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