RE: Hi doctor , Concerned About My Unborn Baby’s Kidney Swelling During Pregnancy: Seeking Reassurance and Guidance

      I am 26 women with no other health problems, I’m pregnant now my baby has a swelling in one of the kidneys even before it is born now, I have been to a doctor, they suggested nothing would happen but I am concerned and worried

      santhi Asked on December 8, 2023 in Obstetrics (Pregnancy).
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        Depends on the degree of swelling of the kidney of the baby. It may improve with progression of pregnancy in approx 50% cases . Has a little bit association with aneuploidy as well. Will need follow up and post natal ultrasound and evaluation.  Follow up with your obstetrician/ fetal medicine specialist to see how things progress. 

        Dr. Dr Ruchika Answered on December 9, 2023.
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