RE: Seeking advice for Ringing in Ear

      Iam 36 yr old female with Rhumatoid Arthritis taking Methotrexate for about 3 years.

      i am experiencing ringing in ear(left  ear mostly) for 6 months.Frequency of ringing -1-2 times a day and the duration is about -3-8 secs.

      Kindly suggest what shall i do?

      is this a contraindication of DMARD?


      priya Asked on December 9, 2023 in Ear, Nose and Throat ENT.

      1-2 times for 3-8 secs is not a severe Problem. U can continue the treatment as DMARD is the definitive treatment.If there is any hearing loss , should go for audiological investigations

      on January 7, 2024.
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        sb Answered on December 9, 2023.
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