Young Adult Facing Dialysis: Seeking Guidance for Elevated Creatinine


    Good morning doctor my relatives son is 19 years and he had a condition called PUV( valve in the urine tract) which was removed 10 years ago and he is small in all his class and blood test showed he has creatinine ( 5) and doctors here suggested dialysis and their parents are uneducated and concerned about this future can you suggest what to do doctor

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      Child needs to be seen and assessed for uremic symptoms.
      Based on symptoms and reports including potassium, bicarbonate and creatinine, decision on dialysis will be taken by the treating Nephrologist.
      If properly treated kidney diseases are not life threatening, please follow up with the Nephrologist.

      Dr. srikanthnephro Answered on January 10, 2024.
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        Sankar Answered on January 11, 2024.
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