I have been loosing hair since last 6 years,

    Hello doctor,

    I am 37 year man, no other health problems, I have been loosing hair since last 6 years, I used all medicine from all medical shops and online medicines also and now I have only hair present in the sides on my head, both in the center and top of my head my hairs are nearly gone, can you please suggest what to do doctors, help me with my hair please

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      Hi , what you are facing through is androgen tic alopecia . It’s common now a days, you need to visit once for the proper examination of your hair. Once hair lost from its roots completely will not regrow by shampoos or oils or with any products. We need to see in which stage you are at and need to be addressed according to it…..

      Dr. Krithika Sakthi Answered on December 5, 2023.
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        You are being having Male Pattern Alopecia also called as Androgentic Alopecia.
        Cosmetics or medicines are not for trail and error.
        Your problem is familial with a genetic inheritance
        And is due to male hormones like DHT.
        If in early stage hair fall can be decreased and delayed.
        Consultant dermatologist
        After evaluation you may be given
        PRP therapy along with oral Finasteride only after evaluation

        Dr. PavaniGBDerm Answered on February 6, 2024.
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