Apr 5 th, 2024

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Health HOD is platform now helping patient to understand their health-related issue, so that all the patient or general public could make an informed decision Currently health system in countries like ours is so chaotic, there are multiple streams of health care and so much so everybody is confused as to how to understand their illness and how to choose their doctor for the particular illness.

As our country produces maximum no of doctor in the world, but we have very fewer super specialists and high-end specialists, when people don’t not get treated by high end specialist when in need, the quality of care is certainly compromised, and general public is not aware of the truth behind getting treated by right specialist gives them best possible results, in view of lack of awareness people reach out to a non-specialist and get treated in half backed fashion, which adds morbidity to the patient/public in many ways both in short and long term.

Here HealthHOD has a primary responsibility to guide the patient in a right direction and to right specialist, in the existing chaotic system of medical treatment where public would confuse how to choose their doctor and treatment, we stand along with them and make them understand their health status (by an expert doctor- in the appropriate speciality), and help them make informed decisions.

We look Forword to a society where people are making an are getting treated by only an appropriate specialist and nothing less, it is a platform started by team of doctors who wish to see the society free from ill medical care.

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