I am suffering from a skin disease near my private area It is very itching and looking just like ring but it is not so.

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      Is it first episode or a repeated episode
      Have you used any local creams on own or purchased from medical shop.
      Stop creams if using any not prescribed by dermatologist.
      Tab Ebastine M night for itching for 5days.
      Flucos gel night for local application for the itchy areas for 1 week
      Abzorb powder morning .
      Keep personal hygiene by washing inner garments seperately soaked and sun dry.
      Change innerwear if the problem is repeated again and again.
      Consult Dermatologist for direct examination which is more specific and accurate diagnosis can be made

      Dr. PavaniGBDerm Answered on February 2, 2024.
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        Thank you Sir….

        pisiy38032 Answered on February 2, 2024.
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