RE: Hello Doctor, Seeking Advice for Vision Issues Post-Bike Accident

      Good evening doctor,

      I am 54 man with sugar( diabetes) on medicines, no other health problems, recently 10 days ago has fallen form my bike  hit my head on road, thank god I was wearing a helmet and now I have difficulty in seeing clearly, some sight disturbance is there,  kindly suggest what should I do…..

      Naren Asked on December 8, 2023 in EYES (Ophthalmology).
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        Good morning Mr Naren,

        Did you have any of the following symptoms after trauma?



        loss of consciousness

        Amnesia of the episode


        Usually after 50 years of age and for diabetic patients, Visual disturbance are common.

        Did you ever notice the similar eye complaints prior to accident

        Dr. Sudarsan Answered on December 9, 2023.
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