Wisdom Tooth Emergence and Feverish Symptoms in 11-Year-Old Son


    My 11-year-old son has a wisdom tooth emerging on the right side of his lower jaw. He’s also experiencing body aches, severe cold symptoms, and swelling in his right cheek. The pain worsens in the evening, and he feels tired easily, with a feverish sensation. Despite taking half of the P500 pills, the fever hasn’t reduced.

    velumfa Asked on March 5, 2024 in Dental (Tooth).
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      Hi dear , If your son is 11years old , then it may not be the wisdom ooth, because it may emerge from 17 years onwards. That would be the molar or premolar . You can give augmentin 325mg twice daily for 3 days and if there is fever paracif 250 mg twice daily. He may have any dc in that tooth . Can only be given correct diagnosis after seeing and evaluating the case.

      Dr. Krithika Sakthi Answered on March 6, 2024.

      Thank you Doctor

      on March 6, 2024.
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