Diabetic Doubts


    Hello doctor,

    I m a diabetic patient.. I want to know about..

    1. What are the fruits I will eat?

    2. Sugar free good for tea, coffee?

    3. What are the snacks item(bread, rusk) I will eat?

    4. What are the vegetables?

    These questions are analysed in Google.. So many different answer.. Please give me a solution

    Please reply.. It’s will helpful for me..

    Thanks in advance doctor ūüôŹ




    Nithya Murugaiyan Asked on February 15, 2024 in General Health.
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      Hello Ms Nithya,

      Hope you’re doing well.!!

      HbA1C if managed well and under control all citrus fruits can be included in the diet,  preferably Oranges, Musambi , Papaya  Рhowever fruit juices to be avoided  and entire fruit to be consumed .

      Coffee and tea limited to once or twice a day n yes Sweetener can be added

      Digestive biscuits or Cracker to be consumed

      All leafy vegetables , fibre rich veg to be preferred over root veg.



      Dr. Hajira Taranum Answered on February 16, 2024.
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        Nithya Murugaiyan Answered on February 16, 2024.
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