my child 3.5 yrs old baby haemoglobin count how much

    this baby is ADHD

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      hi Sivakumar, welcome onboard, can you please elaborate on your question? like the child is 3.5 years old with ADHD, and the rest of the question relevant to hemoglobin and how much ERT is a little unclear, if you can explain us, then you could receive a specific answer from our colleague doctors and that would help you understand the child’s health condition much better.

      Dr. admin Answered on February 23, 2024.
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        Normal expected Hb level in 3.5 yrs old child is 12 g/dl. If any concerning symtoms, pls get a blood test done after consulting a pediatrician.

        Dr. Athiramurali Answered on February 26, 2024.
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