RE: Food for 7 month old baby

      What kind of food i can give to my baby boy? He is 7 month old. I’m currently giving apple, rice porridge, chow chow, Carrot only. What else I can give?

      Thank you doctor!

      Can you pls suggest no cook foods for travel time for 7 month old baby?

      For few days, can i give milk powder? If yes, can you pls name one?

      on July 8, 2024.
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        Try to give 2-3 meals per day plus breastfeeding.

        Start with thick porridge and well-mashed foods.
        Begin with 2-3 tablespoons and then gradually increase the quantity.
        Try to include all vegetables including green leafy vegetables in the diet .

        Dal Khichdi with vegetables is a better option than plain rice porridge.
        Include sprouted pulses and grains.
        Give one serving of fruit everyday as a healthy snack.

        Avoid beverages, fruit juices, biscuits and commercially available cereal mixes.

        Dr. Dr. Arpitha Ranjan Answered on July 8, 2024.
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