RE: Hi doctor I am 58 year, man has been recently diagnosed with (sugar)

      diabetes, doctor also suggested some medicines for sugar control and asked me to continue brisk walking,
      I am Having BP and almost in control with medicines, my doctor advised to decrease sugars in my diet, can you suggest me some basic diet tips for me

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        Good Evening
        Warm regards from the team!!
        Foods to be completely avoided are
        – Sugar( Direct sugars in beverages or Sweets)
        – Jaggery
        – Jams, jellies, Sweets
        – Chocolates/ pastries
        Indirect Sugar s like- refined flour, Root vegetables, processed cereals, Bakery Products .
        Include more of Raw vegetables Salads, Sprouts, Boiled or steamed lentils or legumes and Leafy vegetables, Millets as a part of your daily diet!!
        And of course Physical activity to be continued!!

        Dr. Hajira Taranum Answered on January 8, 2024.
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